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Romantica of Devon Bridal Gowns

 A British Bridal House

Romantica is a family owned and run British business since their inception/creation over 30 years ago. Through the eyes and drive of talented designer Sally Waddington, they know honesty, integrity and family values are incorporated in all the distinctive wedding dresses they produce.
Starting out with Sally as the designer and factory manager and her husband Mike as Sales Director they set up with the assistance of 20 machinists in a small factory in the heart of the Devon countryside. They quickly expanded their brand over the coming years as the designs evolved, whilst keeping their core values central in all areas. Twenty years ago they moved to a larger premises, but still operate in the Devon countryside and 3 more members of the family have joined the business and continue to drive their legacy forward.

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Tiffanys Bridal Gowns

Tiffanys Bridal

A beautiful collection of dresses to cater for every bride. Tiffany gowns are made using the finest fabrics, with excellent construction and outstanding detailing in many different styles, from Fishtails to Princess gowns. We feel confident we will have the perfect gown for you and your dream day.

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